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The Strawberry Farm

Strawberries are one of those little pleasures in life...

Something to be savoured and celebrated while they're there, and looked forward to when they're not.

A strawberry puts a smile on everyone's face, young or old.  And is there any fruit that announces the arrival of summer more than the strawberry?

That first strawberry of the year is a taste of what's to come - the BBQ season, the Christmas pav, long weekends at home or at the beach. If one strawberry can bring so much joy, imagine what a kilo of them will do.

The Strawberry Farm grows your strawberries with love and care, to make them the bright glossy beauties that will grace your table. Buy them in a punnet, or you can pick your own.

Pick Your Own

Enjoy the whole Strawberry Farm experience by picking your own!
To save disappointment, we recommend you contact us to make sure it's open before you come out.

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